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Congratulations to our junior (U12 School) team

Congratulations to our junior (U12 School) team, for securing 3rd place in Akishima Mayor Cup arranged by JCA & Akishima City.After the heart broken loss in the first match (lost in the last ball!!), boys came back strongly in the remaining matches and won with huge margin.Again the loss in … Read more

Congratulations to Noor, Avi, Solaiman

Congratulations to Noor Mohammed Ibrahim for becoming best player (MVP) of JCL 3 and Avi-sake Kc for becoming best bowler of JCL 3.Once again congratulations to @K.M. Solaiman Haque for your excellent Captaincy to bring the first ever JCL trophy for us!

Tokyo Rangers- Top on the table (JCL 2nd Division)

It’s great to see your team at top of the table after all group matches completed.1st XI is unbeaten in JCL 22nd XI is No 1!!Congratulations to all the Tokyo Rangers members. Special thanks to our sponsors Gita Trading Co., Ltd. Shiper Sarker Aishodo Co., Ltd. @himu uddinDataSoft Systems Bangladesh … Read more